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Zurab Tsereteli Saperavi Qvevri Red

Wine “Saperavi Qvevri” is made in Kakheti Region from Saperavi grape sort, cultivated in the valley of the river Duruji. Wine is produced by Kakhetian traditional method in Qvevri (Amphora).

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Our Tasting

  • The wine is distinguished by dark pomegranate color, developed varietal aroma and velvety laste, where the tone of black curran! is harmoniously combined with the sharp aroma of cloves, vanilla and the laste of oak barreis.

  • Recommended to be served with meat dishes and with aged cheeses.

Product Description

Made from Saperavi grapes grown in Eastern Georgia, Kakheti, in the Duruji river basin. The vineyard is 65 years old. Harvesting takes place in late autumn.

For the production of wine only selected, special quality grapes are used. The wine is made according to the classic Kakhetian technology, under conditions of alcoholic fermentation and subsequent aging on chacha, under strict temperature control (fermentation temperature + 26 º C) in qvevri. The use of kvevri ensures the formation of special organoleptic characteristics characteristic of wine. Wine is especially rich in nutrients, which is associated with long-term contact of wine with chacha.

Alter the completion of alcoholic fermentation, the wine remains in qvevri on the chacha until the spring of next year, then it is stored in oak barreis for the next 12 months. Using oak barreis, a wine with naturally stable unique taste characteristics is obtained.

Additional Information

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100% Saperavi