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Services for Institutions

We help your organization to enter the US

We have been colaborating with several country institutions like ProMendoza, ProChile or ProAmerica to help them bring in their wines to the States. We have special promotions for big volumes of wineries and we let them import their own wines.

Deals adapted
to our customers

We embrace big wineries institutions from other countries who want to enter our distribution platform. We help them choose their best wineries for the US market and adapt our portfolio of products to their budget and needs.

Already trusted us...


Adapting and working through rough times

Lovemark organized a live sesssion with all wineries from ProMendoza to instruct them about the benefits of joining our distribution platform to enter the US Market.

On the media

Here you can read some articles about our collaboration with big institutions like ProMendoza in Argentina or ProChile

Do you belong to a
large wine institution?

Drop us a call or send us a message and we'll help you find the best way to import your associates' wines into the United States.